Amfora Tandoor Sarmat Esaul

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Delivery weight: 80 kg

Height 90 cm
Height without lid 61 cm
Muzzle diameter 25 cm
Diameter 51 cm
Wall thickness 5 cm
Weight 81 kg

The set includes:

Tandoor complete 1 pc.
Skewers 8 pcs
Fire hoe, shovel, rust,
Hanging device for skewers 1 pc each
Dust and waterproof cover 1 pc.

The "Sarmat Esaul" - brand new on the German market, is the perfect mix and mobile version of the "Sarmat Ataman" and the "Sarmat Großer".

Due to its relatively low weight - of 80 kilograms and the two forged handles, the "Sarmat Esaul" can be transported in a car, for example to be able to share the barbecue experience with this gourmet oven with friends in nature.

This model is approx. 15 kg heavier than the Sarmat "Jäger" and "Don" Sarmat models.
Due to its reinforced structure and size, the temperature in the tandoor is stored very well, so that several rounds can be grilled after it has been ignited.

The Tandoor Sarmat "Esaul" is therefore the perfect "entry-level model" for both smaller companies and larger groups.

The Sarmat "Esaul" is particularly characterized by the following properties:
Due to its height, it is possible to hang the grill grate with 3 levels.
The dishes become very juicy, with a delicious, natural and not burnt taste.
All ingredients retain their natural properties - due to the even heat distribution, for example, the meat on the skewer does not have to be turned.

The tandoor is ideal for: sausages, steaks, vegetables, tofu, flatbread or grilled cheese and is therefore perfect for vegans and vegetarians.

In order to protect your tandoor from weather conditions, we always recommend covering the protective cover made of waterproof material.


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