Amfora Tandoor Sarmat Dastarhan

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Height 113 cm
Height without lid 78 cm
Muzzle diameter 31 cm
Diameter 75 cm
Wall thickness 8 cm
Weight 167 kg

The set includes:

Tandoor complete 1 pc.
Skewers 12 pcs
Fire hoes, shovel rust
Hanging device for skewers, stands 1 piece each
Lid holder 1 pc.
Dust and waterproof cover 1 pc.
The tandoor "Sarmat Dastarhan NEW" - is the revised and perfected version of the simple "Dastarhan" which was replaced by the Dastarhan NEW in 2017.

The tandoor is an excellent choice for large groups that love and appreciate good food.
Each of the 12 long forged skewers is able to hold one kilogram (or more) of meat in its now enlarged opening.

In addition, this tandoor oven with its original and colorful design allows you to prepare a lot of grilled meat in no time.
Due to the voluminous shape and the thickest walls of 8 cm, the stored heat can be kept in the tandoor for up to 3 hours,
which allows you to prepare the most varied and delicious dishes in any order and a great company with
To spoil grilled food after just a few minutes.

As a bonus, there is a forged lid holder included, on which the solid lid can be placed at a comfortable working height and the skewers and accessories can be attached.

In many Turkic languages, "Dastarhan" means "low table", richly laden with dishes. This means a meal with the family or with friends and relatives.

The tandoor "Sarmat Dastarhan NEW" cooks quickly and at the same time a lot! This tandoor model with its original shape grills because of its size,
Mass and its thick walls make a meal almost one and a half times faster than other models in its category from the Amphora series.

In addition to shish kebab, this tandoor is very suitable for roasting large pieces of meat, such as leg of lamb or spare ribs.
The tandoor is also suitable, for example for sausages, steaks, vegetables, tofu, fish, flatbread or grilled cheese, and is therefore also perfect for vegans and vegetarians.

Please note that the tandoor stoves are handmade
and therefore every tandoor is unique!

To protect your tandoor from weather conditions, we always recommend you
cover the protective cover made of waterproof material after the oven has cooled down.

ATTENTION: This article is only about the tandoor "Sarmat Dastarhan" - without the base.


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