Amfora Uzbek handmade chef's knife, pchak

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Pchak-Exclusive handmade Uzbek chef's knife with leather cover

Length 290-310 mm

Blade length 180 mm, blade width 35 mm

Steel SH-15, hardness 52-53 HRC

Deer horn handle

Pchak - Uzbek carbon steel knife with beautiful deer horn handles. Indispensable helpers in the home kitchen and at the picnic, ideal for working with meat and fish, vegetables and fruit.

Very light and lies perfectly in the hand.

Please do not under any circumstances clean the knife in the dishwasher. Although the damage is not immediately visible after the first wash, the knife will become dull in the long term. The blade and the knife handle are attacked by the ingredients in the rinse water.

CAUTION: the knife is razor sharp !!!

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