Amfora Uzbek bread stamp, Chekich

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1 piece of bread baking stamp

Height 15 cm, diameter 7 cm.

Baking bread at home like the pros!
The classic bread from the tandoor oven is known for the typical pattern in the middle of the bread.
This not only looks beautiful but also has a very special function!

The dough blank, which is provided with the pattern in the middle and is therefore flattened, now adheres better to the inner wall of the tandoor
and is also easier to remove / remove.
In addition, the bread does not rise like a "ball", instead the fluff is distributed around the edges of the loaf of bread.

For this there is now the hand-made Tykatch bread stamp!
Operation is simple and simple: press the stamp into the middle of the dough blank in the pattern you want.
Now wipe the inner wall of the tandoor oven, which has been brought to operating temperature, with a damp cloth.
The stamped part of the dough blank is now pressed against the inner wall of the tandoor.

Now close the tandoor.
After a few minutes you can remove the finished golden-brown bread from the inner wall.
The bread baking set with the hooks, Kapkir and the long glove are ideal for this!
You can also find these in our shop.

The Tandoor "Bread stamp big" fits every Tandoor model.


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