Amfora pot attachment for (wok, kazan, pan, pot, wuhan)

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You can demonstrate your cooking skills as usual on the new optimized pot attachment for a wok, saucepan, kazan or casserole -
with the only difference that you can now experience this pleasure in nature at the tandoor stove.

Operation is very simple and self-explanatory.
The pot attachment is placed on the mouth of the tandoor, after which you can then place a wok, saucepan, kazan or casserole.

Due to the perfection of the base, you can now take it down directly on the handles including Kazan and place it on the table,
where you can then serve up the invited guests.

The pot attachment for the wok, saucepan, kazan, casserole fits all tandoor models except:

Amphora Tandoor "Don-Sarmat"
Amphora Tandoor "Sarmat Nomade"

Please let us know after ordering -
for which tandoor model you need the pot attachment.


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Amfora Kazan Asia Syton made of cast iron 12 liters Amfora Kazan Asia Syton made of cast iron 12 liters
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