Professional heat-resistant grill gloves 1 pair

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1 pair of professional heat-resistant gloves

-Heat resistant up to 932 ° F. The combination of fibers and environmentally friendly silicone from the upper material effectively reduces the temperature rise in hot objects. Non-slip and wear-resistant, practical and flexible.

- Made from ce-level 3 resistant fiber so you can work with knives or sharp tools tucked away while holding hot pots or cast iron hot metals.

- Don't worry about the baking pan slipping out of your hands again! The silicone strips on the gloves provide non-slip properties that give you the confidence you need, so you can handle very hot dishes with no worries.

- Glove inner lining is 100% cotton, offers comfort and allows the material to breathe so that you can keep your hands free of sweat in summer or when grilling hot.

-The universal size gloves fit men and women. Long cuffs protect the forearms and wrists from burning.

-The gloves are suitable for cooking, grilling, baking, fireplace, housework, stove, repair, welding, electrical repair etc.

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