Amfora ceramic pot 3l for large 1-layer grill grate

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The offered product fits the following models:

"Sarmat Aladdin"
"Sarmat Orient"
"Sarmat Ataman"
"Sarmat Skif"


18 * 26 cm
3 L capacity

The casserole is placed on the large 1-layer grillage.
We are happy to offer bulk buyers special conditions.

Attention: Please read these operating instructions carefully before use!

The ceramic must not be exposed to a large temperature difference, otherwise it will be destroyed.
Meat, soups, fish, chicken, ducks and vegetables can be cooked in these dishes. The technology of the preparation is simple - each time before use, the pot has to be immersed in cool water for 10 minutes. Then the food is put in and the pot is tightly closed with the lid, if provided. Now the pot can be lowered into the tandoor. Only hot water may be poured into the already heated dish.

Cleaning and care:

- new ceramic dishes must remain immersed in the water for at least one hour;
- before boiling water is poured into the ceramic dishes, rinse them with warm water;
- Please wash your ceramic dishes with warm water and a little washing-up liquid. Please do not use a hard brush, do not scratch the pot with a knife or other sharp objects. After rinsing, please do not dry or cover your ceramic dishes.
Please do not clean in the dishwasher!


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Amfora grill grate 1-ply (1 shelf) large Amfora grill grate 1-ply (1 shelf) large
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