Amfora fire plate / grill plate / plancha with grate for tandoors Ø 70 cm

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Fire plate: Ø 700 mm

Inner hole: 250 mm

Thickness: 6 mm

Weight: approx. 10 kg

suitable for all tandoors

With the STAC Plancha hotplate, your kettle grill becomes a new and exquisite cooking experience. The plancha plate stores the heat itself and serves as a grill and plancha hob. The STAC plancha plate is perfect for cooking seafood, hamburgers and vegetables. Since the flames do not touch the food, it becomes juicy. In the middle you can place the grill grate (included) and you get nice grill marks and a nice charcoal taste. Spices and all excess oils can be moved directly to the center of the fire.

The hotplate is also ideal for winter barbecues, as it provides a pleasant and warm atmosphere thanks to the heat radiation from the wood fire before and after barbecuing.

NOTE: The grill rack must be coated with oil before the first cooking process. The oil gives the grillage a burn-in black and almost non-stick cooking surface. When the grill arrives, the cooking surface is metallic gray. The deposited grillage must be stored away from moisture. The blackening of a plate is a natural phenomenon, which means that it is burned.

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