Amfora Brick Bread Brick Pizza Brick

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Suitable for all grill grates / grids

Dimensions: diameter 21 cm, thickness 2.5 cm, weight 1.75 kg.

Baking stone - bread baking stone / pizza baking stone - enlarge the already huge selection of preparation options with these accessories.

It is perfect for example: to prepare small pizzas, breads, rolls or even small cakes,
Because with this product, the imagination and possibility knows no limits.

The operation is also simple and self-explanatory - simply place the stones in the levels of the grill grate and grate them beforehand with the desired products and lower them into the tandoor.

We recommend preheating the stones in the tandoor oven before preparation.

ATTENTION: This article is only a brick - without the grill grate.

For this product you need a grill grate.
(Suitable for all grill grates / grids)


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