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Amfora Kazan Asia Syton made of cast iron 12 liters

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Diameter 40 cm

Depth 15.5 cm.
Weight 6.4 kg
Volume 12 l
The Kazan is made of gray cast iron

Operating and maintenance instructions for the gray cast iron Kazan:


1. Before the first use, the Kazan should be prepared, this is a kind of branding. It should be burned out on the stove until the industrial oil is completely burned. Then the still hot saucepan is wiped out with a soft cloth and rubbed with a little cooking oil. Our Kazan is now ready for use.

2. After each cooking, remove the leftovers with a hard brush (do not use a metal brush!) And wash the kazan with warm water. Then it should be wiped and dried on a warm stove and rubbed with a little oil.


When using cast iron tableware, the following should be taken into account: cast iron is a slightly rusty material, so there are a few rules to follow:


1. No food may be kept in a cast iron saucepan.

2. The kazan must not be heated to glowing red.

3. This saucepan should be washed by hand with customary detergents, otherwise the non-stick layer formed can be destroyed.

4. Cast iron dishes should be kept in a dry, airy place without a lid. Storage together with rust-causing or toxic substances is not permitted!

5. The Kazan should be protected from hard impacts and must not be cooled with water.


If rust has formed on the surface, the operating status of the Kazan can be easily restored. The rust must be removed completely (with a sponge or sandpaper), the Kazan washed, rubbed with oil and burned in for approx. 25-30 minutes.


Cast-iron dishes without a coating are temperature-resistant and tolerate metal kitchen aids such as wooden spoons, meat forks or spatulas. It also tolerates minor mechanical damage, but must not fall onto a hard floor as it can break. Cast iron is a brittle metal.


Uncoated cast iron dishes are popular for the fact that the more and longer they are cooked in, the better it gets. Many know that the best dishes succeed in the cast iron pots inherited from Grandma.


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Amfora pot attachment for (wok, kazan, pan, pot, wuhan) Amfora pot attachment for (wok, kazan, pan, pot, wuhan)
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