Dear visitors!
Allow us to recommend our mobile tandoors to you - the unique clay oven for preparing numerous dishes made from meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, bread, etc.
The history of the creation of the tandoors is centuries old, but the secrets of making these excellent stoves are still handed down from generation to generation and, like many centuries ago, are the narrow circle of masters of pottery.
The masters of the "Amfora" company studied all the subtleties and secrets of the old classic masters and developed some modern models of different sizes and supplemented the look of the stoves with steel edging with the elements of the forging, which gives the stove the perfect look. This functionality allows you to use the stove at home (in the garden, on the terrace) as well as in small restaurants.

The food is not prepared on coals as we know it, but through the strong heat transfer from the walls. This causes quick and reliable roasting, which keeps the original product as juicy as possible.
The vertical position of the skewers does not require constant turning, so you can drink beer with your friends. But not for long, because the food is much faster in the tandoor than prepared in the brazier. Tandoor dishes offer you a treat for gourmets. The taste is really incomparable. The tandoor is a very practical piece of jewelry for your garden that can be used in any weather and is the perfect gift for every gourmet.

When used properly, we give a one-year guarantee on our products.